Is traditional Burial or Cremation the right choice?

When the deceased has made it clear that one type is preferred over the other, this choice is usually straight forward. However, in many cases this important decision is left to the family.

Many families are fairly clear on which type of disposition they prefer for a loved one. For others, it can be a point of contention within the family. If you are undecided, here are a few points to consider in making your decision.

Traditional burial typically involves the process of preserving and preparing the body to be present, whether closed or open casket, at a service to honor the deceased. A casket is chosen for the final resting place and placement is made in the cemetery grounds or a crypt. A memorial marker will provide a place for family and friends to gather for generations to come to pay respect to a life worth remembering.

Cremation is chosen by families and individuals as an alternative to traditional burial. The reasons vary and may include personal or religious beliefs. It is important to remember that cremation is typically the beginning of the process of memorializing a loved one. If cremation is chosen, you will need to decide where the cremated remains will be placed. A niche at a cemetery is a common choice, as well as burial in the cemetery grounds. Others choose to purchase a decorative urn to display in a home or office.

It is important to remember that congregating with friends and family is still a significant event in honoring a life, expressing emotions and sharing comfort, irrespective of the choice of Cremation or Traditional Burial. We have many ceremony options available and are happy to create something as unique as your loved one.